Newsletter Archive 2013 and Older


12/31/13 Happy New Year from HC DrugFree

12/18/13 Happy Holidays from HC DrugFree

12/11/13 What is the enemy of YOUR destiny?

12/5/13 We’re saving a seat for you!

12/3/13 These could have been Howard County teens!

11/26/13 269 Howard County Parents Responded

11/22/13 Happy Thanksgiving from HC DrugFree

11/21/13 Win Gift Cards and Giving Tuesday

10/28/13 Howard County Breaks Record! 862 Pounds of Medication Collected!

10/25/13 Don’t miss these weekend events!

10/21/13 Reminder: Drug Take Back Day This Saturday

10/15/13 Start Collecting Your Meds

10/9/13 Please sign up: October 17 or October 22

9/25/13 Thank You Howard County

9/23/13 Important: Town Hall Meeting Tomorrow

9/20/13 Calling All Howard County Parents!

9/16/13 24 Fabulous Reasons to Attend Town Hall Meeting in HoCo

9/5/13 HC DrugFree invites you to a Town Hall Meeting

8/26/13 Keep Our Superheroes Safe!

8/5/13 Exciting Job and More in Howard County!

7/3/13 Happy 4th of July!

6/25/13 Hurry and Did You Know?

6/24/13 Congratulations to Don Way

5/23/13 Howard County Parents: Enter to Win a $50 Gift Card

5/16/13 Answers to Your Questions

5/6/13 HCPD Collects 387 Pounds of Meds

4/25/13 HCPSS TV Interview Chief McMahon and Joan

4/23/13 Are You a Teen’s Drug Dealer?

4/17/13 Parents of High School Seniors Going to Senior Week in Ocean City

4/16/13 Save the date: April 27th

4/12/13 Will You Take the Bottle?

4/10/13 375 HoCo Teens/Parents Heard These Beach Tips

4/4/13 Last Chance to Attend Senior Week Program in 2013

4/3/13 Must See 60 Second HoCo Video Attached

3/20/13 HC DrugFree Kicks Butts!

3/15/13 HC DrugFree Answers Your Questions

3/8/13 HC DrugFree Working Hard for You

3/5/13 HC DrugFree Received Joint County Proclamation

3/1/13 March is HC DrugFree’s Youth Alcohol and Drug Abuse Awareness Month

2/14/13 Show you care

2/12/13 Don’t Miss!

2/7/13 Must See Videos and HC DrugFree Programs

2/6/13 Upcoming HC DrugFree Program

2/1/13 Super Bowl of Drunk Driving Accidents

1/28/13 Upcoming HC DrugFree Programs

1/10/13 New binge drinking video released and videos requested

1/17/13 Videos released and requested


12/31/12 Ring in the New Year

12/28/12 HC DrugFree needs your support

12/20/12 HC DrugFree thanks HCPD

12/17/12 Happy Holidays from HC DrugFree

12/7/12 Howard County youth “a-TAC” drugs and alcohol

11/28/12 Important Police & HC DrugFree Contact Information

11/27/12 Give on Giving Tuesday

11/16/12 Happy Thanksgiving from HC DrugFree

11/15/12 Teen2Teen

11/9/12 Parent2Parent

11/5/12 Let YOUR Voice Be Heard

10/29/12 Save the Date: Town Hall Meeting, November 8

10/10/12 Free Smoking Cessation Program

10/3/12 491 Pounds of Drugs Collected in Howard County

9/20/12 Congratulations to Joan Webb Scornaienchi

9/14/12 Prescription Drug Take Back Day

8/20/12 Friends of HC DrugFree

8/13/12 HC DrugFree Year End Review

8/2/12 Howard County Youth PLAY with the Baltimore Orioles

7/26/12 You’re Invited / Estas Invitado

6/21/12 Increased Heroin Use Among Suburban Teens

5/24/12 Stay Safe This Holiday Weekend

5/23/12 News from HC DrugFree

5/4/12 News from HC DrugFree

4/26/12 News from HC DrugFree

4/9/12 News from HC DrugFree

3/30/12 News from HC DrugFree

3/26/12 News from HC DrugFree

3/21/12 News from HC DrugFree

3/14/12 News from HC DrugFree

3/8/12 News from HC DrugFree

3/1/12 HC DrugFree’s Youth Alcohol and Drug Abuse Awareness Month Kick-Off

2/14/12 News from HC DrugFree

2/6/12 February 2012 Events

1/25/12 Upcoming Events at HC DrugFree

1/10/12 HC DrugFree January Events


12/15/11 Happy Holidays from HC DrugFree

12/13/11 Sobering Thoughts from HC DrugFree

11/28/11 Upcoming Events at HC DrugFree

11/21/11 Happy Thanksgiving from HC DrugFree

11/17/11 News from HC DrugFree

11/4/11 Upcoming Programs and Events with HC DrugFree