Another Successful Parenting Class Wraps Up

As another successful series of Guiding Good Choices parenting classes comes to a close, it is important to reflect on what was learned.  Beyond the topics addressed by the curriculum, this class raised some very practical and pertinent questions that many parents experience and just aren’t sure how to handle. 

For example, the class discussed the difference between bribing your children to do something and using positive reinforcement, how and when to negotiate and compromise with your children (and when not to), how to address issues with siblings who may be at developmentally different stages, how to respond when your attempts to engage your adolescent are met with the “I don’t know” and shoulder-shrug responses, and why adolescents try to avoid serious conversations through silliness and what parents can do to work with the silliness to get to the serious without losing them. 

If you are reading through this list and can relate, consider registering for the next series of parenting classes.  Details can be found at or register at

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