Ho Co Teens Didn’t Have All The Answers

Prior to volunteering for the Life Skills class, our older students were given the opportunity to test their own knowledge about drug and alcohol use and other topics from the Life Skills course.  While some of our older students are new to the program, others have volunteered previously and are familiar with the content.  In spite of that familiarity, not one of our volunteers got all of the answers correct.  This made us realize the importance of reminding and reinforcing this important information on an on-going basis because everyone forgot something. 

To the parents out there who believe their kids are “fine” because they’ve talked with them before about drugs and alcohol or because they learned that in Health class, don’t be so sure.  As teen brains develop, connections that don’t get used frequently sometimes get re-routed or replaced, resulting in forgetting things that they haven’t thought of in a while.  Make sure to keep your expectations for their behavior in the front of their minds by telling them on a regular basis what is and is not OK. 

And if you feel your adolescent would benefit from hearing it from someone else, then register them for the Life Skills program for students in grades 6-9, or as a volunteer for students in 9th grade up through college.  For more information on upcoming classes, visit http://www.hcdrugfree.org/2022/02/free-life-skills-class-21-22-2/

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