Local Parent Urges Attendance at Senior Week Program

Last night I attended my first Senior Week: Staying Safe in OC program. When it concluded, all I could think about was that every family that goes near a beach needs to hear this valuable information! While the focus is to keep high school seniors safe as they celebrate their “rite of passage,” there were so many important issues discussed that are beneficial to anyone who plans a visit…and I definitely wouldn’t send my senior off to the beach without this program under our belt.

I know about rip currents and have always had a healthy respect for the ocean, but I didn’t know exactly how to handle the currents or that people have suffocated in holes in the sand at Ocean City. During my own Senior Week adventure (long ago) we didn’t have a clue about lease agreements and how to protect ourselves or the headaches that misbehavior could cause our parents. Luckily, I was a rule follower, so I didn’t get into trouble; but I had no idea how tight the laws are in Ocean City on a variety of issues.

I haven’t been able to brush off what I heard last night and just say, “Oh, no big deal, all will be fine.” I am truly grateful to HC DrugFree and Howard High School for presenting this program. We are extremely blessed in this community to have access to resources from the OC Police Department and Beach Patrol. Someone is doing something right…thank you very much from a very grateful parent!


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