Courage for an Ongoing Struggle

Wow…I just read the blog, “Setting Realistic Expectations for Struggling to Launch Adults” by Dr. Rick Silver. I am exhausted. This issue is my story. I have been stressing and struggling for years to understand, accept and assist my young adult, first to become what I thought he should/could be, then what I hoped he might be, now…who knows what he is to become and how or even IF I am to take part.

I don’t know the answers as I sit here today typing and it really frustrates me and makes me ANGRY! I am so very sad and tired and discouraged. But if I apply the tools I have learned over the years from Al-Anon, my faith community, and wise counsel, I know to step back and take a breath…I know there is a wealth of knowledge and help in this blog, but I will not access it if I am panicked or perturbed.

I will make a copy, read and re-read it, highlight some parts and make several notes. I will probably pray to understand how this applies to our family and then talk to a few people who know our situation and understand. I will sit with the fact that I chose to access the website and found this resource…my acknowledgment will lead me to the basic foundation of my life, which is GRATITUDE. I know in a state of gratitude, I will be more at peace, more able to access the wisdom, hope and tools offered. I know this because this is how it works in my life…if I take a step back, I will find the grace and gratitude, then I can proceed to do my footwork. Whew…I feel better already and gratefully look forward to the help at hand.

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