Bucket List Challenge - Summer 2017

Bucket lists are goals and activities that you hope to accomplish throughout your life. I love bucket lists and use them as a way to keep track of all the things I want to do. Nothing feels better than being able to cross an adventure or goal off the list once you have completed it! 

My friends and I would get super creative with our bucket lists and make ones that were just for summer. This helped us always have something to do, stay out of trouble, and feel good about ourselves once we completed something on the list.

15 examples to put on your bucket list for summer ’17:

1.       Clean out your closet and donate everything you don’t wear to a local homeless shelter.

2.       Make at least three (new) homemade meals a week and eat them with your friends or family.

3.       Go to the library, make a summer reading list and read them.

4.       Try all the Italian ice flavors at Rita’s.

5.       Go jogging every morning and increase your distance each time (health-related goals are easiest to measure when given a time period).

6.       Find somewhere to volunteer. The animal shelter, library, homeless shelter, food banks, Grassroots, Robinson Nature Center, etc. There are so many options in Howard County.

7.       Spend as much time as you can outside. Read outside, take your workout routine outside, lay out by the pool, or take your dog for a walk. Vitamin D is important!

8.       Get a job just for the summer. Making money, making new friends, and helping out the community is a win-win-win!

9.       Go to the state parks and national parks in the Maryland, Virginia and surrounding areas for family hiking days.

10.   If you have the chance to go on vacation you can add things like parasailing, running on the beach once a day, or having a contest to see who can open the most crabs.

11.   Play card games, finish a book of crosswords and word searches, or play Mad Libs with friends.

12.   Family/friend game night once a week and each person bring a board game.

13.   Start one of those big puzzles.

14.   Buy an adult coloring book and some gel pens (so fun!)

15.   Join HC DrugFree for Summer 2017 Teen Tuesdays...contact us for more information!