Excitement in Gambling

What is gambling? I only associated gambling with casinos, but lately I’ve heard that any activity that includes risk of losing something of value is considered gambling. So that includes placing a dollar into the pot and playing a game of pool to see who wins.

Now that I think about, that means I probably "gamble" 2-3 times a month. Of course, when we have to pay up, no one pays up; therefore no one loses any money and it’s all fun and games.

The only time I’ve lost money “gambling” was at a hockey tournament. After a hard, fought game, my teammates and I decided to play a friendly game of poker. Each person put $5 for a total of $55 in the pot, and the winner would take all. The game started at 10:00 pm.

I was not very experienced at poker, but learned as the game went along. As soon as the first person lost, I got excited that I was still in the game. As the game progressed, I got better and better. Four and a half hours later, two people were left and I was one of them. I was only one person away from winning the $55. I had a significant lead, but with some rash decisions and over-confidence, I lost the next few hands. I ended up losing… This experience really allowed me to feel that adrenaline rush from almost winning all $55, and then taking it all away from me. No matter how close you may be to winning money, there’s always that chance in losing it all. Now I think about that risk before betting my money in any way.