Before High School Ends, I Want to...

“go to a real party”

“get wasted”

“be in the ‘in’ crowd”

“get high”

“go to a prom party”

Why do high school students have these goals?  Around adults, their goals are to get an A on that Chem test and to get into their favorite college.  Around their friends, their goals do a complete 360 degree turn.  These goals are, in part, provoked by the media’s perception of high school students.  The media normalizes teen drug use and teen sex.  The media perpetuates the idea that underage drinking is “cool”, and rarely ever suggests that there will be serious repercussions; if there are repercussions, they are almost always “one night in jail” or a “lecture from the parents.”  In real life, however, drug use and underage drinking all too often result in DUIs and manslaughter.  People waste away in jail because they saw in a “classic teen movie” that it was cool to drink at a party.  Their parents go to jail because a party was held at their house.  It’s not cool to drink underage.  It’s not cool to go to a party with drinking.  It’s not cool to distribute drugs.  It’s irresponsible, and it’s irresponsible for American media to glorify this behavior.