10 High School Party Tips for Parents

This list was created by Howard County teens for parents of other teens:

1. Make sure there is an adult at all parties.

2. Give your child a way to communicate with you during the party in case things go wrong.

3. Create/practice a “safe code” (a secret word or phrase) for when your child is in an uncomfortable situation and needs to let you know to come get them. (Parents, ask HC DrugFree’s staff to help you create a secret code if you do not have one or understand why this is important!).

4.  Set a reasonable curfew and stick to it.

5. Have your child take their own drink with them so they have something to hold/drink other than the alcohol offered at the party.

6. Go through your kid’s room while they are away to look for any drugs.

7. Look through their phones for evidence of drug use/dealing. 

8. Don't allow your teen to attend parties when their grades are bad.

9. Help your children to have friends. 

10. Give your kid a debit card instead of extra cash so they can’t buy drugs and you can see their expenses.