Teen Buys Alcohol in Howard County...Again!

Once again I rode along with the Howard County Liquor Inspector to help him test to see if liquor stores would sell alcohol to me. I recently turned 18, but the license I offered to the clerks was the same one I used last time I was with the Inspector. Sadly, one out of the three stores I tried let me buy alcohol. I thought the first time or two this happened may have been a fluke, but to go out on another day months after and find a store to sell me alcohol tells me there really are liquor store clerks in Howard County who are not aware or too lazy to follow the law. I hope another report about a teenager buying alcohol will make liquor store clerks more careful in the future.

The tests, however, were not the main reason I went with the Inspector in the first place. I worked with another girl to wait outside a liquor store in Howard County to ask passers by around 30-50 years of age if they would buy me and/or her alcohol. I made it clear to the adult that the cashier knew I was not 21, and that I would give them money for liquor. Most said no, some laughed, but some were offended. One man finally snapped when I asked, said no, and I assume he told the clerk inside we were outside asking people to buy us alcohol. We were both asked to leave the area after an hour or so of loitering around outside the store. Regrettably, two adults agreed to buy me alcohol. They went in, bought what they wanted and some vodka for me, and left. They were pulled over by a policeman waiting in the next parking lot. I was able to convince two adults, and captured what I said by calling the Inspector's phone and holding my phone up to my face while I asked. This way the Inspector could record our phone call as evidence. I later asked what would happen to the man and woman who bought me alcohol, and he said the fine could be $2,500. I hope they are given the more common "slap on the wrist", and few hundred dollar fine. If anything they will never do it again, and may tell their friends too.