Senior Prom and After-Prom

Last week was my school’s Prom. This year was my Senior Prom, so the expectations of my friends and I were as high as ever. I guess people were afraid they wouldn’t have enough fun while sober, so a ton of seniors and juniors drank before, during, and after the dance. The most belligerent and obviously drunk were caught, but most slipped under the radar. I wanted to remember my Senior Prom, so I chose to stay sober and have fun with me being me and my date being just her.

However, the after prom hours are always the most dangerous. Most of my friends went to the After Prom Party at the school, which was fun for an hour or so, but the activities got stale, so we decided to head back to one of our friend’s houses to spend the night.

So here we were a group of seniors on prom night, and it was then I realized how to stay safe and have fun. Stick with the people you want to be around when sober. People often drink at after prom parties because they feel awkward, so the best solution is to stay with your friends and only your friends, that way you never feel awkward. No matter if it’s a part of three or thirty, as long as you don’t feel the need to drink to have fun.  I felt no pressure all night to drink because I was friends with everyone there.