A Student's Perspective on Senior Week in Ocean City

Over the years, I heard of the many horrors and fun experiences of Senior Week. Both my older sisters went to the beach to celebrate their graduation with their friends. They had the kind of beach week all high school students dream of. It is my goal to have as much, if not more fun. I have also heard of seniors ruining their relationships, trying dangerous drugs, and permanently damaging their record right before college just to have more fun at Senior Week.

Their tips and lessons, along with the HC DrugFree Senior Week safety presentation I attended, will guide me towards the kind of fun and healthy week I am looking forward to. The presentation repeated some information and tips I learned when I was younger, such as not to swim without a life guard and to always know where you are in relation to where you are staying. The presentation also taught me imperative information for a fun trip all the way from how to escape and identify rip currents, to knowing all the fines, like how sleeping in your car is $25 per person in the car, that the Ocean City police will get you for. These are all for safety, so it would make sense for them to stress the strict enforcement of these laws as Ocean City gets a surge of 150,000 visitors just in June. I also learned how many activities I can participate in for free, which answers what to do besides drink.

The presenters Sergeant James McVey and Corporal Howard Caplan were both very well spoken and kept the audience engaged in the important information they wanted to convey. One focused on safety and rules for the beach, and the other focused more on the rules and repercussions for breaking them on the boardwalk and in the street. Both speakers told funny stories, but sadly also had tragic stories to set as an example for the hopes of smarter behavior in the future.

Both Sergeant McVey and Corporal Caplan were there to save those who listened from making the same stupid and tragic mistakes they witness and hear about year after year. Joan Webb Scornaienchi, Sergeant McVey, and Corporal Caplan all want to congratulate and respect the achievement of graduating from high school, and it was important for us seniors in the audience to hear in the beginning that the presenters want seniors to go to senior week if that sounds fun for them, and to have safe fun. No one ever told us or parents that Senior Week is a bad idea regardless, because for many it has and will be a memorable and positive experience, but for some who still need to mature more in order to make better decisions, maybe it isn't the best spot. I feel ready, and hope I can prove I am ready for college next year. I urge every senior planning to go to look around on Play it Safe page to read the useful tips to make Senior Week the best it can be, and to make of list of stuff to do sober.

And so now it is my class' turn. We will be the ones to spend a week with only our friends and the people we meet while down there. For many it is the longest they have ever been away from their parents or adults in charge of them. Now we are the adults in charge of our own safety, and our own decisions. Senior Week is called "rehearsal for college" by many, and I can see evidence of this with every fun story, and every sad one. I hope we all can come back with the fond memories we have hoped for since the beginning of high school, and avoid the mistakes.