Tell Us The Truth

The best way to stay away from drugs is to know the legitimate reasons not to do them. A person can be told not to do or say something, but they will only ever not do it if they are either afraid or educated as to why they should not. Teens are told not to do drugs or drink, but as we are innately rebellious it seems the only true method of preventing us is to teach us why we shouldn't. School health classes do this, but as most of what we learn in school is all compiled into one day, tested, then left never to be spoken of again, it’s hard to have much or any of the knowledge concerning drug safety actually soak in.

Repeated and credible knowledge is the best deterrent, not authoritative warnings or reminders of consequences. We want to know the truth, and when we are told overly dramatic consequences or blatant lies, it only drives the rebel inside all teens.

We want to be treated like adults but teens don’t always make the best decisions. Just as some activities like jumping off balconies are given the warning that you break your legs, we need drugs and alcohol to be reinforced with the same kind of clear language. Jumping off a balcony and drinking underage are both dumb and detrimental to your health. The only difference is that everyone knows the first one is stupid, but many don’t really know why the latter is just as bad, if not worse.