Marijuana laws are confusing!

Marijuana use is a tricky thing. It’s illegal in most states, decriminalized in others, and as legal as a cigarette in others. What I don’t understand is how this could be a state to state issue when a state like Maryland may technically classify marijuana possession as decriminalized, but then turn to see DC legalize it. How do state and federal officials honestly expect to be able to enforce the varied laws when marijuana is considered “safe enough” in some states and deadly to others? How do they expect people who want to try marijuana to think, “Wait, it’s illegal in my state, so it must be terrible for me, unless I cross the state line and then it becomes just like buying a beer.”

What the federal government needs to do is either fully legalize the possession and use of marijuana as though it were a substance like alcohol, or make a sweeping declaration to ban any involvement across all fifty states and D.C. Either way, the public must be educated as to why marijuana is considered a dangerous drug, and not some sort of incense therapy.