Alcohol and teens

No matter what laws the state or federal government passes and enforces, there will always be those who give minors alcohol, or minors who will get a hold of a fake ID and use it. What I believe will be the most effective in cutting the use of alcohol by teens is a societal shift with the teens. Right now, it’s cool to drink. It’s “mature”. It is what adults do, and every teen knows inside they want to be treated like an adult. It’s what college students do in all the movies. Most teens, especially seniors, would say they want to go to college and act how college students do in the movies.

So this is the root of the problem, and key to the solution. Teens give into what has been engrained into them to do to be cool and mature. We set expectations of ourselves and our friends based on what we hear from older siblings or watch in movies, and act accordingly. I have seen both scenarios, one ends with everyone drinking at a party because they feel awkward not doing it, the other is what I aim for when hanging with my friends - we set the expectation that no one will drink. Even if someone has the means to get the alcohol, they don’t. It becomes weird, trashy, and dumb to drink when enough people back this up. Teens across Howard County need to back that up.