Teen Experiments with Synthetic Marijuana Leads to Permanent Damage

By Joy Lepola, Fox 45 News

A mother’s fight to save her son has become a crusade against chemist. This is a prosecutor purse, businesses suspected of selling a designer drug that’s leaving children in a psychotic state and they are not recovering. FOX45’s Crime and Justice Reporter Joy Lepola investigated the hidden damages.

Kyle Smith was a typical teenage boy, he was a ham and an athlete. Smith was passionate about lacrosse, and seemed to be a natural at it all. But in 2010, Smith’s burning desire began to fade and by April it had all but disappeared.

In April 2010, Smith came home from school, loaded a shotgun, and decided he didn’t want to live anymore. Smith didn’t pull the trigger, instead he ran to his dad for help. Smith, a frightened a 15-year-old fighting back demons, he would eventually face again. He had gotten a hold of a new designer drug; synthetic marijuana and ingested it.

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Doctor Warns of 'K2' Drug Dangers For Howard County Teens - Legal synthetic marijauana has sent local teens to the emergency room, according to a pediatrician

Synthetic marijuana is becoming a significant problem in Howard County, according to a local pediatrician.

Dr. David Monroe, director of the Children’s Care Center at Howard County General Hospital, wrote today in a blog post on HoCo Well and Wise that two recent incidents have highlighted the problems caused by synthetic marijuana in the county.

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O'Malley would veto medical marijuana bill

Gov. Martin O'Malley likely would veto any legislation to legalize medical marijuana because of concerns over whether it would stand up to federal scrutiny, his spokeswoman said Thursday.

His decision comes as states with programs similar to what Maryland is considering have come under fire from federal prosecutors and were forced to suspend all or parts of their programs. His decision could once again kill an effort that has stalled in the General Assembly for years.

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