Follow Up to "A Local Sister Lost to Heroin"

Today, The Baltimore Sun ran the article, "Maryland scrambling to deal with surging rate of heroin overdose deaths." An accompanying video follows up our posting from January 2 about Taylor Sprague who died of a heroin overdose at age 21 on December 31, 2015. Her mother and sister share their feelings when they got the news and how it has affected them since that day.

They describe how Taylor’s death changed the way look they at things, that it affected their health and relationships, and that the police announcement that she died of a heroin overdose had to be wrong – they never dreamed that their college honor student and former General Assembly Page could have been using drugs.

Kylie & Kerri Sprague express that they wish they had known the signs, known that nodding off and breaking out were not just symptoms of an overworked student. They also warn that death from a drug overdose can affect anyone and that it does not pick and choose.

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