Regional Heroin Ring Dismantled, 11 Indicted in Alexandria

According to a March 20, 2017 article on entitled, Regional heroin ring dismantled, 11 indicted in Alexandria, “A rash of heroin overdoses in Alexandria launched a yearlong investigation that crossed into six communities on both side of the Potomac River and disrupted a trafficking network that has pushed nearly $1 million worth of heroin onto the region’s streets, Virginia authorities said Monday.”

“Eleven men and women from Northern Virginia and Prince George’s County, Maryland, have been indicted on charges of racketeering, illegal drug possession and distribution, the Alexandria City Police Department announced Monday.”

“This didn’t come from a few drug deals on a street corner,” said Gary Settle, director of the Virginia State Police criminal investigative bureau. “These men and women were organized. They were part of a complex network responsible for trafficking thousands of dollars worth of heroin and cocaine throughout the region – heroin that came very close to costing people their lives.”

The overdoses were reported by local emergency rooms and community members. Investigators found a common distributor that linked those non-fatal cases, Settle said.” To read the full article, click here.