Teen Experiments with Synthetic Marijuana Leads to Permanent Damage

By Joy Lepola, Fox 45 News

A mother’s fight to save her son has become a crusade against chemist. This is a prosecutor purse, businesses suspected of selling a designer drug that’s leaving children in a psychotic state and they are not recovering. FOX45’s Crime and Justice Reporter Joy Lepola investigated the hidden damages.

Kyle Smith was a typical teenage boy, he was a ham and an athlete. Smith was passionate about lacrosse, and seemed to be a natural at it all. But in 2010, Smith’s burning desire began to fade and by April it had all but disappeared.

In April 2010, Smith came home from school, loaded a shotgun, and decided he didn’t want to live anymore. Smith didn’t pull the trigger, instead he ran to his dad for help. Smith, a frightened a 15-year-old fighting back demons, he would eventually face again. He had gotten a hold of a new designer drug; synthetic marijuana and ingested it.

Robin, Kyle’s mother, was unsure of what the drug was - and a quick Google search set her straight.

Scott Schellenberger, of the Baltimore County State’s Attorney, said synthetic marijuana causes a reaction close to that of PCP.

Shellenberger just sentenced a former store manager for selling the drug to a college student, who ended up hospitalized in a psychotic state.

The substance often bares an innocuous name and a cartoon character on the front of it.

Over a series of reports that began in November, FOX45 uncovered the dangerous substance sold in Baltimore City at gas stations. Despite what FOX45 caught on camera, managers denied any involvement. FOX45 also traveled to Carroll County, while the scene may have changed the story did not, within twenty minutes we found two businesses willing to sell synthetic marijuana.

“So they have a product that is hard to prove is illegal, they can say they’re selling it for the purpose of which it’s designed to burn as potpourri and they can give a wink and a nod to the individual knowing that they’re going to go out and ingest it and yet they can make quit a profit from it,” said Shellenberger.

Kyle Smith’s torture has become a driving force for his mother, who spends her days after work sharing his story. Smith’s story is horrifying and tormenting, he has attempted to commit suicide four times. Over the past three years he has been admitted into several psychiatric hospitals, and has undergone 14 electrical shock treatments. Nowadays the teen is heavily sedated.

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