Awareness, Acceptance and Action

This weekend I was at a live performance with a friend. In the past, this friend fell asleep during plays and concerts we attended. He sometimes snored. I was the one who poked him awake so his snoring did not disturb other patrons. He fell asleep this time as well. His head dipped way down into his lap. I noticed myself feeling embarrassed about his behavior. Obviously, there’s more for me to learn about “You are not a reflection of me.” OK. So, first came awareness of my embarrassment, and then I asked my Higher Power (HP) for help. And then came his snore, and my poke. The snoring stopped. As I sat there with unrest still inside me, a new question came to mind. It was, “What can I do differently next time?” For I learn in program that ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.’ I kept the focus on myself and received help from my HP. “What is it that you want, what is it that you need, and what is it that you can do differently?” A promise of the Al-Anon program was then given to me: I intuitively knew how to handle a situation that baffled me. I could go to plays and concerts with a different friend! Or accept that this friend will likely fall asleep and snore at some point during the performance.  I had choices. What a breakthrough! Thank you Al-Anon, HP, and my recovery friends. I’ll keep coming back - and hope that you do, too!