Bucket List Challenge - Summer 2017

Summertime is finally here and the kids are out of school! Now that they won’t be in school during the day, they will be searching for new activates to occupy their free time. HC DrugFree posted some examples of fun activities for kids to do this summer (which can be found in the teen blog). Many of the items on the list are family-friendly and promote family bonding throughout the summer. Whether your family is staying local, has vacations planned or is just going with the flow this summer, a bucket list can help make you and your kids more accountable for summer goals.

Other things going on this summer:

HC DrugFree plans to offer Teen Tuesdays later this summer. This is open for kids going into 8th grade through twelfth grade. Any recently graduated high school seniors or college students home for the summer are welcome as well. Contact HC DrugFree staff for more information.