Minding My Business

I had to laugh when I noticed the lengths I was going to to mind my own business this morning. My son just graduated from college and is back home. I'm thrilled he is here but he doesn't have a job or internship lined up for this summer yet. Once upon a time, before Al Anon and, honestly, up until pretty recently, I would have been all over this issue. I would have been quietly fretting and wishing I could magically make great things happen for him. And I would have made suggestions and put myself in the middle of his pursuit of employment. I am not in that place now, thankfully. I am focusing on my life and my “business." I am more feeling like "I know things will work out the way they are meant to work out,” today.

He had two phone/Skype interviews this morning, and he set himself up at the kitchen table. I promptly headed upstairs and turned the TV on (which I rarely do in the morning), started a load of laundry in the washing machine, and closed all the doors, so I couldn't possibly, even accidentally, hear what is going on down there. As I turned on the fan as I was about to jump in the shower it hit me: I am doing a superb job of making sure I stay out of his business. It reminded me of a great quote I heard at a meeting this week…“There are only two kinds of business - My business and none of my business.” This helpful and humorous slogan is just what I need to continue to keep the focus on myself.