People Still Don't Know


Thank you HC DrugFree! Despite the fact that HC DrugFree has done its best to spread the word about their twice-a-year Take Back Day at the Wilde Lake Village Center, as well as about Howard County’s three permanent Medication Disposal Boxes, I keep running into people who have no idea how to safely dispose of old prescription medicines.  As I've heard HC DrugFree's staff say keeping them in our medicine cabinets or drawers means someone can easily take them.  Which could lead to abuse or addiction.  To avoid that, some people have been flushing old medicines down the toilet.  This is not recommended, as it pollutes our waterways.  Throwing them away in the trash (even in kitty litter or coffee grounds, which some do, to keep people from fishing them out of the garbage) means they end up in the landfills.  Which ultimately, again, pollutes our environment.  

Fortunately, we have much better options here in Howard County because of the collaboration between the police department and HC DrugFree.  Personally, I think the best thing to do is to keep our old medicines locked up until our next National Take Back Day in the Fall and show your support to HC DrugFree by using their convenient drive-thru collection location.  The dates are set by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and HC DrugFree follows their semi-annual schedule.  If we don’t want to wait for a Take Back Day, we can take old prescriptions to one of the three Howard County Medication Disposal Boxes.  They are located at:

The Northern District Station, 3410 Courthouse Drive, Ellicott City

The Southern District Station, 11226 Scaggsville Road, Laurel

The Gary Arthur Community Center, 2400 route 97, Cooksville.

I'm happy we live in Howard County and have so many options. Again, thank you HC DrugFree for educating the community and to the police for all they do to get drugs out of our community.