HC DrugFree's Take Back Day Was a Community Effort!

What a great day! Despite the gale-force winds in the morning, Drug Take Back Day on October 22nd seemed to go beautifully from my perspective…this was my first time to volunteer. Working full time, I haven’t found the time or energy to volunteer anywhere in quite a while, but I found myself at the Wilde Lake Village Center that Saturday, and I am happy I was there! It’s good to know that such an event exists…I finally know how to safely handle leftover meds & vitamins; plus, several members of my family are diabetic or take weekly shots for arthritis, and we’ve never know what to do with the plastic items and needles, other than throw them in the trash.

As a Howard County resident for over 30 years and a mother of two, I was extremely impressed with the entire process and proud that we offer such a public service. The teens who volunteered that day (for the entire 4 hours or more!) were my heroes…they were stationed around the village center to direct traffic towards the proper area, but they had NO shelter from the whipping wind that persisted for most of the time. A family came through to drop off their meds, then came back with a jug of Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate for the teens…I thought that was really sweet J.  Whenever asked, the teens said they were okay and didn’t need to be replaced; it warmed my heart to observe these young people offering their time and energy, and sticking with it!

But that wasn’t all. The energy, attitude, and commitment of the other adults who shared their time and expertise that day was contagious, and the camaraderie was a pleasant bonus…I enjoyed getting to know the others in between our duties.  I was also impressed by the array of community members who participated, from the police and DEA agent, to the physician, social worker and Board of Ed member. It was a good example of ‘a community effort’.

Once I knew I was going to volunteer that day, I checked in with neighbors and friends; I offered to bring their items if they couldn’t make it. To my surprise, most of them were already aware of HC Drug Free’s Drug Take Back Day…where have I been? Well, now I know J!